Thursday, September 25, 2008

As her pain ends...

At 8:01 EST on September 25th, 2008 Winter Wren pasted from this lifetime and went on to rest and prepare for the next. This blog was created as a virtual wake for this lady who has given so much to so many of us.

Feel free to sit back and tell us your favorite memory, momment or laugh with Winter or just share your good wishes as she moves along to the next lifetime. Stay around and read what others have to say.


Jillyn said...

The hardest I ever saw my mom laugh was one night back in Normal, IL when we were playing "Loaded Questions." The question was "What is the most embarasing thing that you own?" ... by the time she was done reading the answers the whole room was in stitches.
I remember very vividly her face, bright red with tears rolling down her cheeks, her big smile spread wide across her face.
I have many *many* favorite memories of mom, but this is (for some reason) the first one that comes to my mind to share.

Mom, I will try each day to make you proud of me! -Fox

divineconsultant said...

Jillyn and other friends of Winter Wren. None of you know me as I only recently heard of TWM and was told by Heidi that a member of the family had passed. My partner Gayle and I send our blessings to you all during this difficult time of change. I "googled" around and discovered much about Winter Wren. I am anxious to learn more. It was interesting that we made a donation to the Lakota tribe last night and today, after reading her obituary, we made a donation to the Maine Coon Rescue people. I don't know what we can do to help from the Berkshires (W. MA) but send love and peace. Blessings, Jess

Sam.A.J. said...

I only really knew her from Live Journal. She found through an rp community there. She first posted about one of my posts on my journal about me trying to get a job. She told me that she hoped that I got it. At first, I was surprised that someone would just randomly post on my journal. But I got to know her, and I found out that she was a great person. She was wise and friendly. We didn't really talk that much through Live Journal, and I am sad that I didn't talk to her more. I really miss her now. May her soul have everlasting happiness.

Hob said...

Winters family centered around her son John, whom she loved with all of her heart and wanted so much for. The rest of us she found over the years and adopted.
First there was the Viking Moving and Wreckage Company- "The Hills are alive and it looks like Vikings" Ah, Theatre!
And there was the Craft and the family she built within our community.

Home is not a place,
It is a feeling of belonging.
Family is not a genetic relationship,
But a relationship of the heart.

Wrens are never still for long.
Fair winds on your flight my Priestess.

Tarot By Arwen said...

I didn't know Wren except through some Tarot interaction. But I loved to read what she wrote. She will be missed in the Tarot world.

Soulfeathers said...

I used to chat with winter all the time- then one day it was impossible to reach her. I know this is her because she sent me pictures of her Maine coon cats. I have been thinking of her lately as many of her presidiums are coming true. I am in sadness and shock as I see this and realize she died three years ago. I miss you Winter thank you for all of your support. Love Diane